The Talisman Series by Brett Salter Wiki

Jericho Bedivere Rider- Julian and Camela's cousin. The Riders never knew they had an uncle who was ostracized from the family for dabbling in the idea of The Great Synergy.  Mr. Rider ruined his brother's reputation and had him exiled.  Jericho was raised to believe in The Great Synergy, and his father spent the last years of his life finding him a Talisman and a dragon to bond with.  Originally, Jericho sent his dragon in human form to keep an eye on his cousin with the hopes that they could join forces.  However, at some point, he became possessed by Scarabadon the Juggernaut who was hunting for the Talismans. Once overtaken, Scarabadon used Jericho and his Master Dragon to try and kill our heroes (especially Julian). After the Nocturn's removal, Jericho's personality shifts drastically. He is demure and reserved; acting more chivalrous and honorable like the traits his father instilled in him. He is often referred to as a monk due to his habits of meditating and aloofly immersing himself in music. Jericho never engages in a fight without his musical accompaniment pumped into his ears by earbuds and a connecting iPod.

Talisman: Wielder of the Earth Talisman, Hatshepsut’s Tooth. The Egyptian pharaoh's decaying tooth has a very convenient ability to create force fields around multiple things. They appear as a second skin made of pixels and are basically unbreakable by anything we have seen so far.

Weapon: Jericho's weapon/Talisman combination named Siltstone Rasp is a reinforced metal staff approximately five to six feet long. At the top end, there is an ankh like the ones employed by the ancient Egyptians.  Attached to the ankh end by a chain is a small fortified, glass container that holds Jericho’s Talisman, Hatshepsut’s Tooth.  Jericho uses Siltstone Rasp proficiently as a melee weapon and enchanting rod when employing the protective power of his Talisman

Associated Spells: Jericho has mastered the Chaos Eater spell during his time with his father. The spell is able to locate and remove darktouch curses from people or dragons. The spell's aftermath leaves an applicable tattoo on the spell caster. The silent sufferer Jericho is littered with these tattoos suggesting he has devoted much of his life to this cause.

Trivia: Jericho is often noted for saying things that seem relevant but oddly phrased. In these cases, he is quoting lyrics borrowed from the author, Brett Salter's favorite band Strung Out.

Jericho's distinctly spikey, blonde hair with blue chunks is directly inspired by anime designs. This is to aid in implying that he falls under the character trope, The Quiet One.