The Talisman Series by Brett Salter Wiki

JULIAN PELLINORE RIDER: Appears in all books.  Main protagonist.  Considered the funnier of the two boys because he is extreme with his emotions and demeanor.  Examples include the way he uses Knightspeak around his father, but is completely laid back and informal to everyone else. He is also very reactive during comical moments and nonchalant during serious ones. Julian shares a heart and soul with Rome Lockheed as predicated by them performing The Great Synergy. As with all Synergist Knights, this grants him access to the spatial linking between himself and his Master Dragon. Julian has studied under Mr. Jones for a handful of years, which led him away from the teachings of his family. He believes the re-emergence of dragons and The Great Synergy are the keys to stopping the inevitable invasion from The Void.

Talisman:  Weider of Pandora’s Die of Hope. His Talisman gives him the ability to conjure historical weapons of lore to utilize in battle. Until completing The Great Synergy, however, it only materialized trinkets, and he had little control over which number it landed on. It also comes with an upgrade donning him in Mythril armor.

Weapons: Pridwen, the Claymore, Artemis, Gungnir, and the Caduceus

Trivia: Julian represents one part of the author, Brett Salter's personality. He is brash and braggadocios. Not to mention loud, and most times his mouth operates without properly consulting his brain first. Even the idea of him rebelling against his family ideals is indicative of the author's own brazen and defiant nature. Julian uses informal language with everyone other than his father to emphasize the fact that he tries hard to be cool with a "devil-may-care" attitude. Whereas Rome is the more internal example of how Brett Salter felt as a teen, Julian more closely resembles his physical appearance during those years.

Julian's favorite word is "dude".