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The Talisman Series

The Talisman Series reveals the clandestine workings of the dragon race and their knights who embrace the role of protecting our world from The Tyrant King and his evil Darkbrand army.  Whichever side controls the Talismans and their magic determines the destiny of the world. The question is, what are these Talismans, and how can they be used for the good of humanity and the dragon dens?


Rome Lockheed
Julian Rider
Mr. Jones
Camela Rider
Krysta Valanche
Mrs. Case
Jericho Rider
Clay Andreas
Moon Orchid Springthorn
Wind Dragons of Beacon
Tidalus Harborfin
Mr. Rider
Cyprien Springthorn



The Talismans[]

Link to all the Talismans in the series


Link to all the weapons of the series

Human Spells[]

Link to all the spells used in the series

Dragon Types[]

Link to all the known dragon types in the series

Dragon Dynes[]

Link to all the known dragon Dynes in the series

The Elementals[]

Link to all the known Elementals in the series

Legends of The Earth Realm[]

The Despot War

The Great Synergy

The First

The Tyrant King

The Void

The Alliance

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The Talisman Series:[]


"The Search For Synergy": The first book in The Talisman Series by author Brett Salter. It follows the exploits of two middle-school boys, Rome Lockheed and Julian Rider, as they transition from normal kids into epic warriors fighting for the existence of the Earth realm. Rome is secretly a fire dragon from the Den of Volcana placed under a spell which hides his true form. Julian is an oddball, up-and-coming knight with a case of the "try-hards". Together, they perform an ancient pact which bonds their lives and souls forever. Under the tutelage and guidance of an eccentric, local librarian, Mr. Jones, the two learn of an impending invasion from an archaic evil desperate to invade from the other side of The Void.

"Riders of Fire and Ice": They're back! Julian and Rome are taking their show on the road. This time to lovely old England in search of Camelot. While there, the Knight and Dragon will be trying to solve the mystery of the Talismans, the mystery of their shadowy stalker and the mystery of sibling rivalry. Prepare to meet some new faces and, of course, some new Darkbrands as the two further their adventures across the pond.

"Windy City Ruins": It’s just a simple trip to New York. What could possibly happen to our loveable heroes THIS time? Faster-than-sound reptiles? Exploding Minotaurs? Generational secrets coming back to haunt them? Expect the unexpected in this third installment of The Talisman Series, “Windy City Ruins”. The war for Earth is creeping steadily closer, and Rome’s team is in a mad dash to figure out the Talismans before it’s too late. Can they amass enough talent to help them defend the realm? Or will The Tyrant King’s heinous minions sweep them off course and leave Earth ready for the taking?
Book5 Final Cover.JPG

"The Battle For Verdana": What’s REALLY hiding in the forests of the Pacific Northwest? Could it be The Tyrant King’s army of Darkbrands? Could it be more of Mr. Jones’s liaisons? Or could it be the solution to the problem vexing our favorite heroes? Whatever mystery it is, you can guarantee the boys from Georgia are sure to find themselves deep in the thick of it.

"Desperate Tides, Desperate Measures": Looks like our heroes can finally put an end to the nightmare that was Scarabadon, The Juggernaut. And it seems everyone’s favorite Synergist Knight and Master Dragon have fixed their Talisman issue too. Having thwarted every attack The Tyrant King has thrown at them to this point, The Alliance believes that they can endure any challenge as long as they remain together. Now, having the upper hand seems like the perfect opportunity to seek out more allies and even more of the realm’s mystical Talismans. Could this be a “happily ever after” for our ensemble of motley heroes? Or is this peace just a fool’s hope and just as temporary as the changing tides?

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